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Week 2: Overview of Social Media
My belief is every social media excluding some websites have primarily been made for personal uses but most of them have evolved to be personal, businesses, and many more uses. They are designed to help accommodate the human species in a modern and technological world. There are endless social media platforms for personal and business use including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Tumbler, Pinterest, Behance, Etsy, etc. Tumbler and Pinterest seem to me like the most used for personal use. The majority of people on those forums are just posting all the things they like. I follow a lot of photographers and nerdy things on Tumbler and Pinterest and it is all just people posting what they like or want and is is rarely used to sell anything or even to promote any business. 
I feel Facebook is the most useful social media platform for businesses to promote themselves. As a photographer I feel Instagram is the best social media platform to use to promot…
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Week1A: My Template

I chose to use this template because I am a nature photographer and I feel like this was the best template that represented me. I love the blue and black colors together and feel it is a powerful dominate color pallet that shows I am a strong professional. As a nature photographer, I like the tree image in the template. The colors in the image mach the rest of the template very well. I enjoy going on hikes and photographing trees and nature. I feel by using this template my posts will be able to be easily accessible and laid out in a very clean and organized manner so that my readers can navigate my blog easily.