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Week 5 Part 2

Target Market Analysis for Consumers of photography and physical imagery.
My target audience, at least the ones who are paying my bills, are probably the age 16 through 80 but can be narrowed down depending on style the photographer decides to produce. I generally find people around 16 through 20 predominantly want professional portraits and head shots. Ages 20 through 50 are generally wanting special event photography like their weddings, showers and other special events but also, they will be wanting their children photographed as babies all the way to their own weddings. the 40 through 80 clients tend to not be as large of a market as 16 to 60 but still occasionally pay for events and portraits but with this audience you get a lot more architecture photography jobs which is very profitable. The target audience for photography is vast but can be affected or condensed by the style the photographer produces. Generally, clients want the images printed out and sometimes framed for them…

Week 5 Part 1

I choose to visit the restaurant websites because my son doesn’t use dippers anymore but we go to restaurants so it seemed to be the more appropriate choice. Also, it’s a service type website so as a photographer selling a service more than the photo products it seemed to be a more relatable option. When I first visited the websites, my first observation was the different food they sell which is obvious but my observation at first glance of the visual aesthetic of the websites were, the Chili's website is a lot cleaner and more organized and the Teri cafe was more busy and artsy. I feel both were created by professionals but they used a website making service. The Chili's website seems more like a cookie cutter template and like a premade layout. Whereas the Teri cafe website seems more original and unique like it had more creative influence and input from the company. It is also probably still a premade layout but it appears more like a customer website. I think Chili's i…

Week 4 Part 2

Week 4: part 2 Chad Mullen

I commented on the blogs of Jackson_Iana, Particelli_Blair , Trantham_Jordan
The first website I choose is It is laid out nicely so that it is easy to navigate through to find and access the information you are looking for. The visual aesthetic is nice and they used colors that work for a school website but also are complimentary colors so they are easy on the eyes. The text is easy to read and is consistent throughout the whole website. I visit this website because I attend the school and have to use it for my classes but I choose it for this assignment because its probably my most visited website and also a site we all know and use. I feel the website is created very well but if I was to change anything it would be refining the information that appears when you need to use the search bar because sometimes its hard to weed through to find what I’m looking for. Another improvement would be formatting more mobile access because somet…

Week 4 Part 1

Week 4 Part 1 I feel the Penny Juice website is one that can use some work. I feel the layout and access is mediocre but the fact that it looks like it was laid out in 10 minutes is the issue. I think the colors clash and its ok to use many colors but they all need to be in the same color field and have to be arranged correctly. The links and information I think is well done but I think it is very plane and boring I also noticed they only have a Facebook which is also very plain and a telephone number to call so not a lot of ways to connect with them but they display information well. When I went to the gatesnfences website I jumped back and was very uneased. It is very chaotic and unorganized at first glance. There is endless information laid out in an unorganized fashion. The side links are all the same colors so you defiantly need to know exactly what you are looking for, there is no direction or assistance.
The Apple website is in my opinion the best and cleanest. It is laid out n…

Week 3 Part 2

Week3 Part2 I commented on Wojcik_Michele, Particelli_Blair, Brock_Stacy blogs.
1)Adorama (photography store) Facebook- 15min., Twitter- 45min, Google+- 35weeks, YouTube-vast video upload 3 hours but they have channels that are constant, Pinterest- can’t tell but there’s a lot on there, and Instagram- 3hours I found out about this company though social media and they have a huge following. They are a company that have reviews on photography products and videos that can educate people on photography and they sell and rent many different products. They use social media to educate and spread information and draw in customers and they use their website to sell their products. I feel they are utilizing social media very well and that is a major reason the business is so popular in the photography world.
2) B&H Facebook- 3hours, Twitter- 28min., Instagram-21hours, YouTube- 20hours, Tumbler- 4hours, Soundcloud podcast- 4days, Snapchat-…


I personal have never communicated with any business using social media but I have had some interaction experiences. one time there was a Boba tea shop down in San Diego and they were doing a contest type event where if you went down and purchased a tea from them, then took a photo of the tea and something around the store, and posted the photo on Facebook you could win a free tea. So, I went down and took a photo and posted it and got a free Boba tea. Another experience I had was I won tickets for a pool party in Las Vegas. It was a contest on Facebook where you “like and share” to be entered in the contest to win 2 free tickets to a pool party for EDC week in Las Vegas, fortunately for me the contest was kind of rigged and my friend was friends with the person running it so 3 friends and I won the tickets which was amazing. The only other communication for me would be using platforms with reviews like Yelp. I feel those are great platforms for businesses to use because the bu…
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