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Week 12 Part 1

I think there are varying reasons to use different platforms of social media. Facebook is definitely the most popular and widely used because of its expansive elements catering to different business types. Adding additional social media platforms and linking them to each other are always a good method when building your business. As long as your posts are written and designed professionally and appropriately it is a good idea to have as many as possible without overextending the quality of your pages. As long as you can keep up with your activity on your pages you can have all of them and also have them connected which will increase the reach and increase your audience and promote your business.

For my photography business I started with a new Facebook page then after I redid my Instagram to match the Facebook elements and be consistent. Once both pages were up and running I then created a Twitter and Tumblr which then we're linked and connected with my Instagram and Facebook. I a…

Week 11: Email Marketing - Part 1

Part 1
I definitely think depending on what business you have newsletters can always a good idea. They keep the customers and audience involved and connected to the business and in some cases can be a friendly reminder. They are a great way to give new information or inform the customers of a promotion going on or give coupons. Newsletters can be somewhat annoying though because sometimes there isn't important information on them and they just get thrown away. I believe that whatever your intent or goal is with the newsletter, it needs to be direct and concise and also get the attention of the person that's receiving it and make them have a reason to hold on to it. For me as a photographer I would plan on doing either a once a month or once every 3 months. I would probably have some sort of coupon or promotion going on and also share some new events or information that has happened in between newsletters. They would be beneficial for my business to remind the customers and cl…

Week 10: Blogging for Business

Part 2
When making categories I believe that for me as a photographer the most beneficial categories would be my photos or my gallery, reviews, and current news or special offers. I feel like those are the best categories because showcasing my work let my audience know what I'm capable of, having reviews shows them that I have had clients that do appreciate and like the work, and I believe that the current news or special offers is good because it shows that you're staying up-to-date on your blog and active and it's also a good way to try and get someone to use my services that may have not before.

Week 10: Blogging for Business

Part 1
I feel like adding personal interest or some personality to your blog post could be beneficial depending on what business you have. For me as a photographer it's definitely a good idea and worthwhile and completely normal. In doing some research the most popular personal blog posts by professional photographers are product reviews, location ideas, tips and tricks on different forms of photography, and current news.  Being more personal in your blog gets the audience's attention and makes them feel better connected with you which in turn helps get more clients and reach a larger audience. When you are being personal or sharing your own opinion, it is a good idea to not talk political, religious or aggressive and stick to things that are associated or connected with your business and what type of business you have.