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Week 9: Twitter
Chad Mullen

After setting up my Twitter account I had to do searches to find people that I knew and wanted to connect with but also searches to find accounts that were relatable to photography and photographers and pages that would help with my business and be beneficial for me to see their posts. After finding some people that I personally knew I tried to follow the photography path, so I used the key terms of Photography, Photographers, San Diego Photographers, and some personal names of specific people I wanted to follow. I started finding too many people so I only followed photography companies I knew and the most popular photographers in San Diego and ones I personally admire.
After researching how and what to put in a list I made three lists to start. One is called “Photography” and it’s a list which contains photography companies and pages for photography information and services. I made one called “Photographers” containing all the pages of photographers who I…

Week 8 Part 2

As a photographer it definitely helps to use a social media with visual support, that way you can show your photography for people to see and get more reach and audience. Instagram and Facebook are definitely the best for showing visual support as far as photography goes but also that way you can also get clients to contact you through them as well. I believe visual support in all social media is very important that way it catches the reader or the audience's eye and attention. The best photography and photographer’s pages or the ones with the most viewers and followers upload content daily and generally multiple times a day to catch the eye of the audience and to make themselves more prevalent online or on that platform. They use it in a way to get their name out there and by posting content regularly and often they gain more of a presence on that forum and that way people see their content more than others. A lot of the most famous photographers use multiple forms of social med…

Week 8: Get Visual: Let a Picture Tell the Story-Part 1

I am a photographer so social media is one of the best tools to use to promote myself and gain a larger audience. I feel Facebook and Instagram are the best two platforms to use for photographers because they have many elements that are beneficial and can be properly utilized by both the business but also our audience. Facebook uses tools like groups, adds, and recommendations for other pages and Instagram uses images, stories, adds or informative posts, and hashtags to enhance your page.
The Pinterest platform is great for research, ideas, sharing content, and some networking. I love the Instagram platform and use it most for my photography. It is great for displaying content and work, finding or releasing information, networking and gaining an audience and customers. The Tumblr platform is good for sharing content and interests but it’s also good for networking and showing work. I feel the Snap Chat platform can be used for many purposes but the best use is networking and connectin…

Week 7: Engaging your Customers: Facebook Strategy Part 2

Week 7: Engaging your Customers: Facebook Strategy- Part 2



I posted these photos to show my work and to get a better reach on Facebook. I hope to get my viewers interested by displaying a lot of my work.

Week 7: Engaging your Customers: Facebook Strategy Part 1

Week 7: Engaging your Customers: Facebook Strategy Part 1 Chad Mullen
I choose to like Amateur Photographer, PetaPixel, PhotoPlus, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Digital Photographer Magazine, Popular Photography, and Shutterbug Magazine. I choose those pages because I am a photographer and I read the magazines and use these companies. Using the like feature gets me exposure and shows similar interests with other photographers and publications and in turn it may help lead to getting my work shown by them.

Week 6: Setting up a Facebook Business Page

Week 6: Setting up a Facebook Business Page Part 2: post reach and post engagement Chad Mullen
When you start a business you generally start a social media to promote your business but what is the best way to get seen and gain popularity. Well when it comes to Facebook there are many factors to being successful but the two best elements to focus on are reach and engagement.
Reach measures how many people have actually seen your post. If your audience isn’t involved you don’t have priority to be seen in their feed so you may be missing views you should have so if you stay engaged and post frequently there is a greater chance to be seen or you can use the paid promotion posts to increase your reach exponentially.
Facebook defines engagement as viewer activity such as clicks, comments, likes and shares. These are the people that are actively viewing your page. A highly engaging post leads to increased activity and increased viral reach. Engagement is largely driven by the content of po…