Week 12 Part 1

I think there are varying reasons to use different platforms of social media. Facebook is definitely the most popular and widely used because of its expansive elements catering to different business types. Adding additional social media platforms and linking them to each other are always a good method when building your business. As long as your posts are written and designed professionally and appropriately it is a good idea to have as many as possible without overextending the quality of your pages. As long as you can keep up with your activity on your pages you can have all of them and also have them connected which will increase the reach and increase your audience and promote your business.

For my photography business I started with a new Facebook page then after I redid my Instagram to match the Facebook elements and be consistent. Once both pages were up and running I then created a Twitter and Tumblr which then we're linked and connected with my Instagram and Facebook. I already had my Behance website for my portfolio setup so I also linked that with my social media pages. Previously I had a LinkedIn but will now configure and redo that to be consistent with my other pages.

After finishing the reading for this week, I have decided that some other social media could definitely benefit my business. I want to set up my Google+ which will then showcase my work but also help connect with other photographers and groups within the photography community. I also believe that using LivingSocial or Groupon to sell coupons or package deals at a discounted rate would help promote my business and grow my clientele, especially in the beginning of starting out. I think Yelp previously was a great platform to use but has become unreliable and easily altered. I do believe review resources are great, especially for photographers in certain niches of the industry like weddings and family portraits. The down side is you have to start and utilize them after having been established for some time and already having clients to be able to give reputable reviews on your services.


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