Week 11: Email Marketing - Part 1

Part 1

I definitely think depending on what business you have newsletters can always a good idea. They keep the customers and audience involved and connected to the business and in some cases can be a friendly reminder. They are a great way to give new information or inform the customers of a promotion going on or give coupons. Newsletters can be somewhat annoying though because sometimes there isn't important information on them and they just get thrown away. I believe that whatever your intent or goal is with the newsletter, it needs to be direct and concise and also get the attention of the person that's receiving it and make them have a reason to hold on to it. For me as a photographer I would plan on doing either a once a month or once every 3 months. I would probably have some sort of coupon or promotion going on and also share some new events or information that has happened in between newsletters. They would be beneficial for my business to remind the customers and clients in audience about my business because you don't use photographers everyday so it's just that helpful friendly reminder to get their attention and remind them of your services.


  1. I think your newsletter plan sounds great. A monthly or bimonthly newsletter with promotions or packages sounds like a great idea. Especially if you do wedding or family packages.

  2. Hi Chad, I think I remember in the book that at least send one out once a month if I am correct. But that sounds like a reasonable amount, that is not too much and not too late. Three months seems late to me. As a former photographer, I would suggest frequently showing latest work, cause that shows that you are current, improving and eventually a new photo shoot will catch the eye of someone. When they see something they like, they want it.

  3. Chad, A coupon is always a good idea, especially for a specific service, wedding, bday party, etc. I think it helps jog people's memories when they have a coupon for a specific event.


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