Week 5 Part 2

 Target Market Analysis for Consumers of photography and physical imagery.

My target audience, at least the ones who are paying my bills, are probably the age 16 through 80 but can be narrowed down depending on style the photographer decides to produce. I generally find people around 16 through 20 predominantly want professional portraits and head shots. Ages 20 through 50 are generally wanting special event photography like their weddings, showers and other special events but also, they will be wanting their children photographed as babies all the way to their own weddings. the 40 through 80 clients tend to not be as large of a market as 16 to 60 but still occasionally pay for events and portraits but with this audience you get a lot more architecture photography jobs which is very profitable. The target audience for photography is vast but can be affected or condensed by the style the photographer produces. Generally, clients want the images printed out and sometimes framed for them but also require access to copies that can be downloaded by them so they have the visual memories to cherish and remember forever so availability to produce products can affect what clients we attract. I have an app called Thumbtack, that I bid quotes for job contracts where people post looking for photography services. It has several photography styles and the photographer can choose what they are able to do, then when there is a request for a job they know they can give that service. As I stated before I am about to set up my website enabling me to produce images and products for my clients in turn reaching more of an audience and growing my business.    


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