Week 5 Part 1

I choose to visit the restaurant websites because my son doesn’t use dippers anymore but we go to restaurants so it seemed to be the more appropriate choice. Also, it’s a service type website so as a photographer selling a service more than the photo products it seemed to be a more relatable option. When I first visited the websites, my first observation was the different food they sell which is obvious but my observation at first glance of the visual aesthetic of the websites were, the Chili's website is a lot cleaner and more organized and the Teri cafe was more busy and artsy. I feel both were created by professionals but they used a website making service. The Chili's website seems more like a cookie cutter template and like a premade layout. Whereas the Teri cafe website seems more original and unique like it had more creative influence and input from the company. It is also probably still a premade layout but it appears more like a customer website. I think Chili's is trying to reach the regular generic “American” audience I am guessing probably the ages between 5 and 50 and especially families. I feel Teri cafe is trying to reach a wider demographic range but mostly a foreign audience or the people who want something different and exotic and probably target the ages between 20 and 70 years old. They have some differences but are also similar in content of their website. They obviously have the location and contact information but they also have the menu in a very visible place, a specials page, and their story page to get information on them and hear how they started. I feel the tone of both websites are professional and simple but very effective to view as a customer and contain the right information for a restaurant website.

I started and own my own photography business and for easy legal reasons I decided on the name Chad Mullen Photography. The reason I use my own name is because that way I don’t need to possess a D.B.A or many of the other legal paper work that are necessary to open and operate a business. Obviously, it’s a photography business so I’m a photographer and I take photos for work. I haven’t had many paid shoots yet but I did shoot a concert and have done two family portrait sessions but because of the lack of paid jobs, I primarily go to the zoo or go on hikes to take photos and refine my skills. I have set up several social media accounts for my photography business including Facebook, Instagram, Behance, Twitter, Tumbler, and YouTube, but only regularly use Facebook, Instagram and Behance for my business. I am about to get a professional website as well but haven’t purchased it yet, but I will soon.

My website links are posted below:

https://www.behance.net/cmullenmt46a1 - 
started 10/5/17  have 4 followers 

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002336015627 -
 started April 2011  have 434 followers

https://www.instagram.com/mullenchad/ -
start date unknown have 519 followers


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