Week 8: Get Visual: Let a Picture Tell the Story-Part 1

I am a photographer so social media is one of the best tools to use to promote myself and gain a larger audience. I feel Facebook and Instagram are the best two platforms to use for photographers because they have many elements that are beneficial and can be properly utilized by both the business but also our audience. Facebook uses tools like groups, adds, and recommendations for other pages and Instagram uses images, stories, adds or informative posts, and hashtags to enhance your page.

The Pinterest platform is great for research, ideas, sharing content, and some networking. I love the Instagram platform and use it most for my photography. It is great for displaying content and work, finding or releasing information, networking and gaining an audience and customers. The Tumblr platform is good for sharing content and interests but it’s also good for networking and showing work. I feel the Snap Chat platform can be used for many purposes but the best use is networking and connecting with people. YouTube is great for displaying work in video format, personal process of producing work, instructional videos, or to look for information or instructions. Facebook is the best and most popular social media used in the world and is most useful for the majority of businesses. 

I believe that the best social media for photographers are Facebook and Instagram. My thought is all social media platforms could be used for my photography business but I do not have enough time to constantly post and update all of them so its smart to only use a few that way I will 2 strong pages rather than spreading myself thin and having eight mediocre pages. I am in the process of setting up a business Instagram but I have been using my personal one for a while. I have 549 followers and am following over 4000 so my ratio is not desirable but I am conscious of it and will work to get more followers. I was slow to start off and I think its because I didn’t post often at first but recently have uploaded more of my photo and posted more often. I have only posted 129 times so I know I need to do more and have decided to make a resolution to post at least one photo a day and be more active on my pages. Recently I have been reediting hundreds of photos and making them more professional and will post them day by day. I also have been reorganizing, consolidating and linking all my social media accounts to make posting regularly easy for me.

I use many hashtags on my posts but I generally start with some I have saved to my computer and phone so I use those then alter some to be more relevant to my photo. My list starts with #sandiego #SD #animals #socal #southerncalifornia #outdoor #southerncali #encinitas #wildanimals #zoo #outdoors #wildanimalpark #sdzoo #animalphotography #animal #photography #photo #nature #naturephotography #world #photojournalism #endangered #chadmullenphotography #ocean #beach #water #plants #sandiegocity #hike #hiking #tree #B&W #monochrome #colorphotography #sandiegophoto #MySDPhoto #VisitSD #SDLife #walk #wildlife #oceanside #vista #sanmarcos #carlsbad #northcounty.


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