Week 8 Part 2

As a photographer it definitely helps to use a social media with visual support, that way you can show your photography for people to see and get more reach and audience. Instagram and Facebook are definitely the best for showing visual support as far as photography goes but also that way you can also get clients to contact you through them as well. I believe visual support in all social media is very important that way it catches the reader or the audience's eye and attention. The best photography and photographer’s pages or the ones with the most viewers and followers upload content daily and generally multiple times a day to catch the eye of the audience and to make themselves more prevalent online or on that platform. They use it in a way to get their name out there and by posting content regularly and often they gain more of a presence on that forum and that way people see their content more than others. A lot of the most famous photographers use multiple forms of social media so they can reach more people. Their biggest presence is usually Instagram and Facebook because those are the best and easiest to use due to the template that they use and because of the number of users they have. To me it seems like everyone has more followers than they get likes on their post. They have a lot of likes on each post but they have in the thousands of followers. Every post that they make received several comments and some popular photographers will comment on them back and some of them do not. To me it seems the best way to improve or increase your audience is to communicate more with them because the pages that comment back on comments they receive tend to have more likes and comments and some have more followers. 

The pages that I looked at were Art Wolfe and he has 566 posts, 75.4 thousand followers, and he's only following 1411 pages. He tends to get less than 10,000 likes on each post, he tends to only have a small number of hashtags and gets generally less than one hundred comments. I also looked at Sean Parker photography and he has 1424 posts, has 94.9 thousand followers, and he's following 988 people. He usually gets 3000 to 10000 likes and 20 to 100 comments on each post. I also looked at Daniel Taipale and he has 1763 post, 202 thousand followers, and he's following 262 people. He tends to get over 10000 likes and 100 to 300 comments on each post. Another I looked at was Jaclyn Tanemura and she has 278 posts, 26.8 thousand followers, and she's following 365 people. She tends to get less than 150 comments but she also comments back on a lot of The comments she gets from people which I feel engages and welcomes her viewers.


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