Week 15: Optimizing Yourself and the Company

With Google analytics and with the Facebook business aspect analytics we can definitely determine that the more I post on my page or pages the more effective my reach is. The more that I have in terms of content for people to read and see definitely determines the amount that any platform makes my content visible for people to see.

I have not been able to post as much lately but whenever I post any of my photography I get a jump in all of the statistics in the analytics platform. I joined my two photography business pages on Facebook and by doing so I got a large jump in my audience for a prolonged period of time because those people were viewing my photography more often and seeing different photos that they have not seen before. By not posting more new content they fell off and stopped being engaged in the pages. I tend in the future to post more content and set up more scheduled posts, therefor reaching more people and continuing the engagement of my audience and showing people that I am furthering my career and producing more content to be viewed.

Depending on the photography career that I choose to follow depicts the most beneficial aspect of the Google or Facebook analytics and stats. I want to be a wildlife photographer, considering that I think the reach statistical tools are the most important to me, because I can show more photos to who I'm reaching and learn what the best options are for progress and how to be most beneficial and productive in showcasing my work and making sure the right eyes get to view my photography. If I choose to go in the mainstream photography aspect like wedding or portraits I think that running ads and showing more coupons and discounts and localized targeting would be the most beneficial solely due to the audience that the business would require to thrive and the target I would be trying to reach. I feel like wedding photography and portrait photography thrive only if you have a great audience within the social media community and can showcase your skills and promote yourself Professionally.


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