Week 16: Planning Your Future Strategy

I have learned that Facebook is the best program for me to use as a photographer. I think the second best platform would be Instagram because it showcases my work and it is a great portfolio for an online audience and both are great for the constant daily user. The platforms that I think are better that would use less frequent attention would be Pinterest and Tumblr. They would still have a great effect and showcase my work and therefore having a large audience but not need daily attention. I also think using an online portfolio such as Behance or Adobe portfolio work in my benefit and uploading current content frequently showcases consistency and productivity in my work and my business.

I've been following all of my classmates and I think that the majority of them are being very productive and beneficial in the post in the strategic way they compose themselves online and on social media. I believe that the ones that are producing more content are definitely getting more views I have personally seen throughout my own feed many of my own classmates by just the amount that they are posting and what they are posting in the relationship to what it has to do with my own business and my own interest. I believe that the more that they post in the more that anyone can post on social media would benefit them and be more beneficial in acquiring more business and more prophet in their own venture. I believe that it is also beneficial to post within your own field of interest therefore the ones that tend to be not what my target is, don't tend to be on my feed unless I view them but that is the way Facebook and Instagram have produce there programming.


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